Q. After removing chalazion, the bump is still present. What to do?



Hi doctor,

I had a chalazion on my lower lid and it was removed about a month ago. But, the bump still has not gone away and has the slight redness on it. Also, when I was having it removed; my doctor said that I have blepharitis. But, my eyes do not hurt and the eyelids are not red. When my chalazion will fully go away and flatten? Will I ever be able to wear eye makeup again? Because, it is something without which I do not feel confident. This has really been depressing me a lot.





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  • You had a chalazion removed from your left lower lid about a month back. I assume the cut was on the inside of the eyelid as usually it is made inside.
  • The residual redness may be due to persistent inflammation of cartilage like structure of the eyelid.
  • These are the things you can do. Wait for resolution and use warm compresses. Your treating ophthalmologist may be able to give you some anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • In some patients a steroid injection into the swelling can bring about a remarkable resolution. Your ophthalmologist will be able to determine if you need it.
  • The blepharitis is the most likely cause for the chalazion. Avoid rubbing your eyes. You can try cleaning your eyelids with cotton tipped buds or wet wipes designed for the purpose to get rid of the dirt on your lashes. An antibiotic eye drop or ointment can help reduce blepharitis.
  • Eye makeup is applied on the outside of the eyelid. As such, it should be safe to use it as it has been a month after the procedure.
  • Please continue the treatment for blepharitis. Make sure that you do not apply it on the margin or inside. To be on the safer side, clean it off all before going to bed at night.

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