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10 days back, I met with an accident and got my right leg injured below the knee level. I have swelling in the right foot since then, which has decreased a bit, but still persists. Even the x-ray report of the leg and foot are normal. My doctor said that it might be due to infection caused by clotting of blood in the leg. I have been advised to keep my foot above my chest level while sleeping. The swelling has decreased, but I have pain near the ankle only when I touch. I am currently on Ciplox and Acenext-P.





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  • Swelling without bony injury is very common, especially in the lower limb injuries. At times, splintage in the form of plaster of Paris slab is given for a few weeks.
  • Infection usually does not occur in closed injuries unless there is decreased immunity or source of infection anywhere else in the body and swelling is the associated finding.
  • Fever, raised local temperature, redness and throbbing pain are the main signs and symptoms of infection. Ciplox (Ciprofloxacin) is usually not prescribed by orthopedic surgeon for abrasion or closed injury.
  • Kindly follow up with your x-ray, clinical image of your foot and prescription along with your doubts for further discussion.

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