Q. Are chest pain and breathing problem common in pregnancy?



Hi doctor,

I am 21 weeks pregnant. I am having chest and lung pain on the right side along with trouble to take a deep breath. I am suffering to catch my breath. I went to the ER and they did a blood test called D-dimer. It came back positive for a lung blood clot on the left side. But, the doctor said it could be false because of my pregnancy. Please help.





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I understand your concern.

  • Pregnancy has many transformations in the body and much burden on heart work increases. Mild breathlessness and chest discomfort is common during pregnancy.
  • Because of pregnancy, they cannot do many tests, which may be harmful to baby.
  • They can do echo and lung nuclear scan if there is high suspicion of pulmonary embolism present. They may think of less risk of pulmonary embolism after examination, hence not recommended as many tests.
  • Your doctor can monitor you. So, if necessary, they can do further testing. Take care.

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