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Hello doctor,

Before two years, I started experiencing a feeling that I need to vomit. It would stay constant. I never did vomit as a result of that, but it stayed for approximately 8 months. I could not sleep or eat well, because of that feel. Accompanied with that feeling was extreme constipation. It would take me three to five days to be able to use the bathroom. After that was over with, the stomach pain would not go away and since then my digestion has been terrible. The problem stayed with me and is still with me, although now it has changed quite a lot.

These days, it is a week of a huge amount of gases (burping continuously for hours) and acidity in my stomach, combined with a feeling of vomiting. I would also like to add that my bowel movement is not regular. Some day it will be soft and the other day extremely watery. I have not had a regular stool in the past 2 years. Since yesterday, my stool is green, even though I did not have any vegetables or anything green in the past week.

I had many tests at the hospital and the doctors said that there is nothing wrong. Some doctors gave me medication for IBS, which only made me feel worse. I have also been prescribed with a medicine to stop or slow down the formation of acidity and that did not work either. Laxatives also did not work. The only test I have not done is endoscopy.

Every doctor I have been to said a different thing and none seems to know the problem. If possible, based on the symptoms I have mentioned, please do inform me what this could be. I am a 23 year old male.





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  • Your problem seems to be more of gastrointestinal motility disorder rather than a disease.
  • Intestinal motility depends on various factors like the type of food, water and psychological factors. If one constantly occupies his mind with it, then the situation even worsens.
  • First of all, just increase water and fiber content of your diet. Also, decrease non-vegetarian intake.
  • You need to exercise daily and run for at least 10 minutes in the morning. This will lower down your BMI (body mass index) and improve gut function.
  • I suggest tablet Domperidone to increase motility of the gut. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.
  • You have said that the blood tests are normal, so at least intestinal absorption of food seems to be fine.
  • As far as endoscopy is concerned, I think you should get it done as we never know any strange etiology may turn out to be the cause, which doctors are not considering.

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