Q. Being a non-alcoholic, is it possible to get liver issue?



Hello doctor,

I am a 22 year old female with the history of bronchitis. I was diagnosed with bronchitis at the age of 17 approximately. For five months, I had been facing breathing problem and now I have continuous pain in the right abdomen and occasionally on the left. I also have a type of sting like pain around my left breast. I referred a doctor and he diagnosed me of sinusitis and hence the breathing issue. Recently, the doctor said that my liver is becoming inactive or something. I weigh 41 kg and my height is 5’1″. My weight is constant even after having a lot of food daily as the doctor recommended me. I want to know if there can be any other reason, because I cannot understand the liver issue as I am a non-alcoholic person. And also in my ultrasound there were some small nodes found near my stomach and they were less than 1 cm in size. Should I be worried?





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  • Your breathing problem is due to bronchitis and sinusitis, which most of the time is due to allergy to cold, dust, pollen and pollution.
  • Once the allergen is removed then your symptoms will improve. But, sometimes it can lead to infection in the lungs. You can carry out chest x-ray to rule it out.
  • Pain in the abdomen is not related to bronchitis or sinusitis. It is due to abdominal pathology.
  • I suppose on ultrasound examination you would have been diagnosed with fatty liver (fat accumulation in the liver) since you have mentioned it is becoming inactive.
  • Did you carry out the liver function test? Were the liver enzymes raised? If they were raised, then you have liver injury.
  • Since you do not consume alcohol, it could be due to viral hepatitis, metabolic disorders, eating too much fatty and spicy foods or due to side effects of certain drugs.
  • Small nodes near stomach should be evaluated further. It could be lymphadenitis, which is a benign inflammation due to infection or it could be malignant, which may be the cause of pain in abdomen.
  • Small nodes are usually benign. I would have interpreted better if I had seen the reports. I would suggest you to carry out CT scan of the abdomen to rule out any lesion or growth in the abdomen.

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