Q. Can brain tumor cause one-sided headache?



Hi doctor,

I am getting one-sided headache. I do not get them often. They are behind my right eye and temple area. Now this time I am also fighting with heavy cold and cough. It came on late morning today and it hurts more when I cough or shake my head or bend over. Prior to this, I had the same headache about four months ago. At that time it came on midafternoon and lasted till next morning. Prior to that, I had the same headache exactly on the right side and lasted for a day. I am on CCB and Protonix. I am scared of brain tumor. Please help.





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Based on what you have told, this is more likely to be due to sinusitis.

Sinuses are small air filled cavities in your skull bone. They can get infected and when they are infected, you will get headaches behind eyes. Such headaches will be more common during cold and cough.

Brain tumor headache will be on both sides, more in forehead and you will also have vomiting in that case.

Based on what you have told, this is more likely due to simple sinus infection instead of brain tumor.

  • Investigations to be done:

    CT brain and CT paranasal sinuses.

  • Regarding follow up:

    For further information consult a neurologist online.—> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/neurologist

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