Q. Can cancer recur within six months of operation?



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My brother-in-law gone through CA tongue right side operation followed by radiation and chemotherapy before six months. From last two weeks, he is getting pain on the left side of the tongue and we consulted the doctor again. Doctor said that there is no possibility for further operation and radiation therapy. He suggested that he needs to go for chemotherapy only. Though we opt to go for chemo, his body is not able to support. He became very weak as he underwent surgery, radiation and chemo already. This also has more side effects and with this he will be unable resist. Also, the doctor said that there is no scope in curing. And, he advised to go for medicine, which is equal to chemo. I kindly request you to give best possible solutions to save his life. Is there a possibility of recurrence of cancer in the left side within this short period? What is the stage of cancer before and after operation? I have attached his current medication. Is it fine to continue?





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I understand that your brother-in-law has undergone treatment for tongue cancer.

  • Radiation so soon after previous radiation therapy is not advisable. The doctor’s opinion is correct.
  • This looks like a very aggressive tumor. We can try chemotherapy, but we cannot be sure of the result.
  • Some tumors are aggressive by nature. So, they recur.
  • The stage of cancer does not change after surgery.
  • He is already taking Zincovit, please continue that. In addition give him tablet Pregadoc Plus (Pregabalin and Methylcobalamin) and Elcafort two times a day after food. Consult with his specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.
  • Please note that these are not for curing cancer, but for reducing pain and improving his general condition.

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