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Hello doctor,

Tonight, I was doing sit ups in a group. It was a competition, so we were doing them very quickly. One person was doing them behind me and we did not realize we were in such close proximity and we banged the back of our heads together pretty hard. I am not sure exactly where I got a hit in my head, but I remember it hurting. I did not lose consciousness or anything like that. I just rubbed it off and kept going. I have a headache now. I am wondering how hard I need to have hit the back of my head to do damage and if I will be fine. I have also been told that getting hit in the back of the head can cause major vision problems. Is any of this possible with my situation? Or do you think I will be fine?





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I understand your question.

  • If you have only localized pain that is a pain in the back of the head where you got hit, then nothing to worry about.
  • You have not lost consciousness also and that is another sign that the hit was not a major one.
  • Regarding loss of vision, that happens only with a very major trauma. In that case patient will lose consciousness at least transiently after trauma.
  • Now, if you have a headache in the whole head or impairment of memory, excessive sleepiness, etc., then you need to do a CT scan of the brain. Otherwise, nothing to worry about.
  • I suggest you tablet Paracetamol 650 mg thrice a day for five days to reduce the local pain which you have.

For further information consult a neurologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/neurologist

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