Q. Can I get my perineal incision correction done after a long gap?



Hi doctor,

24 years ago, while giving birth, I had a perineal incision. Though one stitch tore after a few days, it was not repaired. For the last 10 years, I have been riding horses with no issues. But, slowly over time, my perineal tissue has continued to deteriorate. Until now, I have no perineal tissue between my vagina and anus. This is causing problems of irritation, soreness and swelling of the area. I am sure that I need this repaired. But, can this be done after such a long time? And, what would be involved? Would the recovery time be some months? Could I ride again? I am scared if I do not get it done there will be serious consequences later.





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Yes, you are right. It has to be repaired.

If you do not have a problem in defecation, then you can wait for some time.

But, after repair, you have to take rest for at least three months and you cannot ride horses until then. Healing will complete by three months time and you have to wait for three months or more according to your age and other blood status.

If the problem is increasing over time, then you have to get perineal repair done as early as possible.

After repair also there is a minor chance of forming fistulous track. Depending on the anal sphincter involvement, the repair will be decided.

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