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Hi doctor,

Right now, I am not on any birth control method except for the rhythm method. I have tried multiple birth control methods in the past, such as the implant, the pill, the ring, the patch and had annoying side effects with each of them. I had spotting that would not go away with the ring and implant probably due to low estrogen in the devices, compared to the pill. My doctor ended up removing the implant for this reason. I have used each method for a long enough period for my body to get used to them, so it is not like I have not been giving them a chance. With the implant and ring, it got to be too expensive buying so many pads or tampons and it really puts a damper on my sex life. In addition, when I was on the pill I was not very good about taking it on time. I am looking to try a long-term contraceptive method, that I would not have ongoing spotting with. I have heard that one can get the implant or an IUD and take estrogen or birth control pill that would stop bleeding in between periods. I would really like to receive some advice on this. Thank you.





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You have described elaborately about your experience about all the contraceptives.

  • Truly speaking, each of them has some disadvantages which naturally wane off with the time. But, you have also told that there was no cessation of symptoms or spotting even after a long-term use.
  • I can tell you that you will face the same problem with other forms as they are also combined hormone in very low doses.
  • The only option left with you is taking the combined pill and you cannot be casual now as this is the only option left for you.
  • Just take it at bedtime and keep an alarm on your mobile or watch, so that you will not forget to take it.
  • A dual contraceptive, as you said, is not at all an option as it will mess up your inner hormonal balance. As usual, there lies the same risk of omission of pills and unscheduled bleeding.

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