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I am having high blood glucose. My fasting blood sugar is 153, postprandial is 175 and before dinner 152. My doctor advised Janumet 50/500 before breakfast and dinner and Sulisent in the morning. Shall I take it? Presently, I am having Invokana 50/500 before breakfast and dinner and Reclide 10 after lunch. Which medicine should I take? Can I take insulin, since it has no side effects? I have leg and hand joint pain. I am following the strict lifestyle and not taking any sweet or sweetener. Sometimes, I have a severe headache. I am also having a gastric problem.





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  • Firstly, I like to tell you that you are doing a great job by managing strict diet restrictions and regular exercises. Please do continue exercising for at least 45 minutes daily.
  • Now, coming to your concern regarding the medications, Insulin is definitely the most natural way of treating diabetes. But, you have to understand that it has its disadvantages.
  • If you are comfortable with the administration of injections daily, then definitely you can ask your doctor to shift you on Insulin.
  • But, Insulin also leads to instant hypoglycemia. So, you must have meals at the proper times and adequately. The risk of hypoglycemia is higher with the usage of Insulin.
  • Regarding your current medications, every doctor has a different way of treating diabetes, according to the success rates they see and achieve during their practice. You can definitely continue with what your doctor has suggested.
  • I prefer treating my patients with newer drugs, which have proved more potential and efficient, at least in my practice.
  • Also, I would like you to get a blood test called HbA1c done. It tells us about the mean blood glucose levels over three months duration and is very efficient for analysis of blood sugar control.

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