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Hi doctor,

I am 7 weeks pregnant. I am suffering from insomnia and it is getting worse now. I used to take liquid Melatonin where each dropper was 1 mg and I never exceeded 5 mg a night, nor would I take 5 mg all together. I used to take 1 mg and wait for an hour then try again. Since I have been pregnant, I have not tried it. I am only getting 2 hours of sleep at night for the last one week. Can I take the liquid Melatonin during pregnancy? What is the recommended dosage?





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  • Melatonin is actually secreted by the placenta during pregnancy and one does not really require an extra dose of it.
  • As you are in just 7th week of pregnancy there are chances that you may have sleeping troubles.
  • You can take liquid Melatonin but not more than 2 mg per day. This dose is enough to raise the body levels by more than 20 times normal and it is hence enough.
  • But, you may instead try a full glass of hot milk, half an hour before going to bed each day and I am sure insomnia will not trouble you again.

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