Q. Can shoulder fracture during childhood cause pain now?



Hi doctor,

I am suffering from pain in my right shoulder, hip, knee, foot and lower back. I have a bunion on my right foot. I sometimes feel that my hip is not in place and if moved wrong it will result in knee pain. I broke my collar bone as a child and I am not sure if that would be causing any shoulder pain now. Pain is not always intense, but worsens as the day progresses. Neither lying down nor icing and applying heat does not help. Also, Tylenol does nothing for it. Is this arthritis?





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  • The cause of your pain could be arthritis, low calcium levels and stress. But, looking at your symptoms it is most probably due to osteoarthritis.
  • Clavicle or collar bone fracture does not present with such symptoms so late.
  • I would suggest you to consult an orthopedician and carry out rheumatoid factor levels, serum uric acid levels and serum calcium levels.
  • Treatment will be planned according to the cause.
  • In case of osteoarthritis exercise in tolerable limits with weight reduction should be done.
  • Since your pain is not relived by medication, you can go for physiotherapy.

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