Q. Could BPA overexposure lead to erection problem?



Hi doctor,

I am 20 years old and have recently been having problem with erection and loss of sexual energy. These symptoms started about two months ago and have been slowly getting worse. There are several factors that I believe are contributing to this, but one in particular is exposure to BPA. I recently started a business in which I spray epoxy paints. I believe that my problems could stem from a BPA overexposure.





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  • Erectile dysfunction can occur because of many reasons. The most common is psychological that is excessive stress, performance anxiety, etc.
  • If you have night erection (erection during sleep) or erection while watching porn, then your ED is due to stress related causes.
  • If you do not have erection during sleep, then I think you require evaluation in the form of penile Doppler with papaverine.
  • Yes, BPA – Bisphenol A overexposure can lead to ED in some cases. I suggest you should avoid exposure more than permissible limits and also smoking or alcohol if any.

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