Q. Could you explain the exact reason for my continuous leg pain?



Hi doctor,

I have continuous lower leg pain for more than four years. The pain is between knee to ankle. I feel weak legs and bones and also having a burning sensation and numbness. I am taking D3 and B12 supplement for around two years and still it is low in my body. Please find the attached health checkup report. Is it something related to shin splints? When I touch the leg I can feel the shin bone detached from the muscle. Could you let me know the exact problem and the treatment for the same? I am currently taking medicine for generalized anxiety disorder and migraine.





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I had gone through all the data posted (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Kindly tell me more details about your problem.

  • Do you have leg pain in both lower limbs? How did it start? Was it the same pain that you are feeling now when it started or increased or decreased?
  • Do you have back pain? Are you able to walk with slippers and get up from sitting position?
  • Have you done thyroid profile?

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