Q. Could you please interpret my friend’s breast cancer report?



Hi doctor,

I am writing this question on behalf of a friend of mine. She had breast cancer and was operated on for it before four months. She had her tests done again a few weeks ago, but she does not seem to believe the results and wants a second opinion. Could you please interpret the reports of her current situation? Thank you.





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  • The reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) are suggestive of breast cancer with axillary node metastasis, but other systems are not involved.
  • ER/PR positive status (estrogen and progesterone receptor) is suggestive of positive response to hormonal therapy.
  • Ki-67 index is high and it is suggestive of reduced disease free survival and less overall survival.

For further information consult a surgical oncologist online –>https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/surgical-oncologist




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