Q. Despite taking medicine, I have cough and wheezing. What to do?



Hi doctor,

I was coughing up dark yellow mucus with blood streaks. So, I went to my doctor and she prescribed Keflex. After about two days, I broke out a rash from head to toe. So, I went back and she put me on Roxithromycin and three days of Prednisolone. I am on my second day of new antibiotics and Prednisolone. I also have asthma. I am still coughing up mucus with streaks of blood, but it is struggling to come out. I am very wheezy despite taking Ventolin every 30 minutes. Should I go back to the doctor or just wait till I finish Prednisolone and antibiotics?





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  • The asthmatic attack might be due to the drug allergy, which you might have had. I suggest you to get a sputum culture to identify which antibiotic suits.
  • Also, I suggest you to take nebulization with Asthalin which will ease the breathing.
  • My suggestion for you to be under the monitoring of a doctor in a hospital. As you can have some infection and taking Prednisolone might have an effect.

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