Q. Do I need to get treatment for 3 mm gallbladder stone?



Hi doctor,

I am feeling nauseous in the morning hours for about a month. But, I vomit only once a day. My blood test report is normal, but there is a slight increase in eosinophil count (9.8). I am also found with a 3 mm gallbladder stone. My age is 40 years. I am currently on Pantocid and Domstal thrice a day and Zentel once a day for worms.





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  • Do you have any burning pain in the stomach or early satiety or delayed digestion or indigestion? Are you on any other medication?
  • Do you drink alcohol? Is there any other symptom such as headache or diarrhea?
  • Continue the same medication that has been prescribed for gastritis and vomiting.
  • Did the medication help you? If no, then you may ask your doctor to add tablet Ondem 4 mg (Ondansetron) in the morning once a day.
  • Eat less food in more frequent intervals. Eat light, less fatty and easily digested food in the night and increase your workout.
  • Gallstone of 3 mm does not need any immediate intervention. Most of the times, they are cholesterol stones. They can be dissolved by taking Tablet Udiliv 300 mg (Ursodesoxycholic acid) thrice daily for 10 to 12 weeks. Consult your doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.
  • Go for lipid profile and RBS (random blood sugar).

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