Q. Do stings, breast lump, bruise and hair fall predict any sort of cancer?



Hi doctor,

I am an 18 year old girl. I am feeling stings in my upper body for quite some time. The stings are sometimes in my chest and sometimes in my lower abdomen. They last for nearly 40 seconds, but are occasional. And there is a lump in my right breast. It is a solid lump and it does not cause pain. I have bruises on my legs for three to four months and they are not fading. My hairs are falling too much since last month. Do the signs predict any sort of cancer?





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First calm down and be relaxed.

  • By stings I understand sting like sensation that lasts for 40 seconds. I need more details on that. Do they occur more when you are tensed? Because, it is rare.
  • Second problem you said was that you have a lump in the breast, which is solid and painless.
  • Normally, there may be lumps in the breast during period of menstruation and they disappear. This is called fibrocystic disease, which is a common one. The next common is fibroadenoma, which is a mobile painless swelling.
  • Do you have any family history of breast cancer or any other? I am just asking this in view of your anxiety.
  • For lump in the breast kindly consult a general surgeon. After examination he may order FNAC test (fine needle aspiration cytology) which will determine the cause.
  • The third one is bruises on your legs. Bruises normally occur with trauma.
  • Without any trauma if you have bruises then there may be problem with platelet count or blood vessel wall or on steroid medications.
  • Lastly hair fall, which is common.
  • But, when you club all the symptoms you are feared of cancer and I think it is unlikely.
  • Kindly go to a hospital for detailed examination. Further investigations what you need are FNAC from breast lump, complete blood picture, renal function, thyroid profile, random serum cortisol level.
  • I hope it will not be a big problem for you. Kindly feel relaxed.

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