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Hi doctor,

I need to find out about something that I am very nervous about. I made out with a woman and realized that there was a bump on the side of her mouth. She also perform oral on me. The bump looked yellowish with brown edges. I have no idea whether it was oral herpes. But, I am freaking out. Last week, I was itching near my thigh, pelvis and below the belly. I do not know whether it was because I recently shaved down there. But, the itching was on and off. I did not notice anything unusual until I saw two pimples near my pelvic area. I popped it and pus came out and got cleared. A few days later, I saw something looked like healing razor bumps. The bumps were not crusty, but they were itchy. It has been a few days and the bump have not left. I did a herpes vinegar test and the lesions become white after I applied the vinegar. Today, the bumps have a black scab. Do all these symptoms sound like herpes? I also took a photo of the bumps. Please explain.





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I have read your query in detail and do understand your concern. Also, viewed the attached pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity).

A lesion on the side of her mouth may or may not be herpes.

Lesions on your pubic area are not herpes or any STD (sexually transmitted disease). They seem to be those of folliculitis due to bacterial infection or razor bumps.

Moreover, herpetic lesions do not cause itching, but pain and inflammation are the predominant symptom. So, your lesions and symptoms do not sound like herpes.

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