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My doctor started me on Wellbutrin and I have body aches. A real bad pressure is on the little left of center and it is constant for at least 24 hours. Only, cold compress dulls the pain. Do you think this can be heart related? Should I stop the Wellbutrin? I have had an issue with fluid filled cysts in my breast. This is located in my breast into the breast bone and does not hurt more. I never had heart problems before. I am currently taking Synthroid and have had issues with energy.





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  • Women are by default on less cardiac risk before the age of 65 years.
  • An early presentation of cardiac disease is highly unlikely in females unless they are smokers. You have not mentioned your smoking habits.
  • If the pain is always there in your left chest area, then it can be because of the cyst present in your breast. A cyst is a fluid filled space or is either solid. You have not attached any reports of the cyst.
  • So, a pain which is there for 24 hours and relieved by ice water is more likely to be of muscular origin and likely because of cyst.
  • But, it is also important to rule out cardiac cause. Do you feel the chest pain during rest? What is the nature of the pain is it dull or pinching or aching?
  • Does an anti-inflammatory drug relieve the pain? Do you have any breathing difficulty during walking or climbing upstairs?
  • As of now your pain seems more likely to be muscular and less likely to be cardiac. But, detailed answers to the above questions are required before arriving at any conclusion. Thank you.

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