Q. Does biopsy on a pregnant woman result in any complication?



Hi doctor,

I am 30 years old and 20 weeks pregnant. I got an abnormal pap result with ASC-H. I had another pap two years ago and it was normal. My doctor wants to do a colposcopy and biopsy. However, I read that it does result in complication when biopsy is performed on a pregnant woman. Can I do biopsy later? Will colposcopy show how bad the lesions are? Please explain.





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I can understand your situation and concern.

  • You have to undergo colposcopy and if necessary biopsy too. It can be done during pregnancy and the only problem may happen is mild bleeding, which can be managed.
  • If the lesion is mild, then it can be followed up. Moderate to severe lesion also can be followed up till delivery and that has to be finalized after the colposcopy and biopsy.

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