Q. Does our doctor’s prescription say that my daughter has asthma?



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My daughter is 2 year 3 months old. Once she had very bad wheezing and flicking due to wood smoke in the home. Later, I took her to hospital and the doctor kept her in observation. He gave her Levolin for every 15 minutes for three cycles and Montelukast granules. After that, she started coughing only at night. It has been a month. Now, another doctor gave Bactoclav syrup for five days and Ventolin for five days. Her cough was under control. After five days, the same thing started again. Now, the doctor prescribed Levolin syrup and Allegra syrup. Does it mean my daughter has asthma? What should I do to cure her since she is very small? She has also got urinary reflux grade 2. She is on antibiotics from the first month of her life till today.





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  • Your daughter seems to be having chemical pneumonitis or allergic bronchitis.
  • At this point of time, we should not label her as having asthma. Allergic bronchitis will settle in two to three weeks and sometime, persist for a few months.
  • Moreover, it aggravates in these months of winters.
  • My recommendations would be to simply keep her on a combination of Levocetirizine and Montelukast for a long duration. I hope that within one month, she would be much better.
  • If chest x-ray is not performed, then get it done.

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