Q. Does Salmonella infection spread through kiss or sex?



Hi doctor,

I have only diarrhea. If I have Salmonella then how long will it last? Can I kiss or have sex? Could it be on the blood?





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  • There are two types of Salmonella. Both types can spread through feco-oral route. Which type do you have?
  • If you have Salmonella Typhi then you would need treatment. If you have Salmonella paratyphi (only diarrhea) you may spontaneously recover.
  • In either case I would suggest precautions for a month after you were diagnosed with the infection.
  • The bacteria may stay in body secretions but none of them spreads through saliva or semen or vaginal secretions.
  • Please share more information so that I can generate a better plan of care.

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