Q. Following thyroid scan, what is the next step to rule out cancer?



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I am a 41 year old male. My recent ultrasound of thyroid revealed multiple bilateral ganglion formation in area IV. The most prominent was 11 x 8 mm diameter in lower right cervical area. It was mentioned homogeneous thyroid. My doctor suggests clinical follow up due to the number of ganglions in area IV and because they were spotted last year in another ultrasound. I am attaching the ultrasound scan images. What are your main hypothesis for diagnosis from the images and prognosis? Also, what follow up should I do? Thanks in advance.





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  • Homogeneous thyroid usually suggests that gland is uniform in consistency meaning it is mostly benign.
  • Thyroid nodules are fairly common; more so in women and the majority up to 95 % are benign.
  • If you do not have major risk factors for thyroid cancer such as past exposure to radiation to the neck area, a past history of thyroid cancer or a first degree relative with thyroid cancer or suspicious looking nodules on ultrasound then the risk of these nodules being cancer is low.

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