Q. Got injured eyes and stitches done. Will I be able to open my eyes?



Hi doctor,

I met with an accident and glass went inside my eyes. I got stitches inside the eye and on my eyelashes. I am not still able to open my eye after five days. My vision is clear. X-ray and CT scan reports are also normal. After how many days will I be able to open my eye?





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  • From what you have described, you have undergone suturing inside your eye, which means that you had a corneal or conjunctival injury.
  • Your treating ophthalmologist will remove the sutures when adequate healing has taken place. As long as the sutures are there you will have some sort of irritation. I assume that you cannot open your eyes due to the irritation.
  • X-ray and CT reports in such situations are used mainly to check if any foreign body has gone inside the eye. Since they are normal, you do not have to worry about having any foreign body inside.
  • Please send me a picture or a report for further clarification.

Revert back with the reports to an eye care ophthalmologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/eye-care-ophthalmologist

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