Q. Got pregnant while on copper-T. Shall I continue the pregnancy?



Hi doctor,

I got pregnant with an IUD (copper-T). It was confirmed after blood test and the copper-T was removed. My last menstruation was 40 days before. Shall I continue the pregnancy? How will be the growth of the baby? Do I need any precaution? This is my second pregnancy. I delivered my first child before six years through C-section and he is healthy. Please advice.





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  • Once the copper-T is removed, then it is very safe to continue the pregnancy and you can happily go ahead with the pregnancy.
  • There is no harm to the baby’s health for sure; you can be assured about that.
  • Baby will be quite normal. Just get your serial ultrasound done as advised by your gynecologist.
  • There are no additional precautions need to be taken in your case. Follow the routine precautions a pregnant woman should take, like good diet, maintain hygiene and health. Do not lift heavy weight, take iron and calcium supplements regularly.
  • Have regular health checkups with your gynecologist.
  • As you had a cesarean section, there are fair enough chances that you can have a C-section this time as well. So, do not worry.

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