Q. Has high level prolactin affected my sexual desire?



Hi doctor,

I got married recently. For the last few months, I am experiencing erection problems during intercourse and struggling to get the sperm out. Hence, a general physician advised me to take a few tests. I have uploaded the results of the test. Can you please tell me what would be the next step to improve my sexual activities? I have high levels of prolactin. Has that affected my sex desire? Also, I want to know if it really leads to delay in getting a kid. Please advice.





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I understand your concern.

  • Your prolactin is elevated. Do you have any headache or vision problems?
  • Increased prolactin will decrease erection and sexual desires. But, it can be corrected and no need to worry.
  • Either you can consult an endocrinologist or a neurologist and start with medicines to decrease prolactin.
  • After one month, it should be repeated. Also, other hormonal analysis has to be done. Once it gets corrected, then everything will be alright.

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