Q. How to avoid coma while getting anesthesia?



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I am concerned about my upcoming surgery. During past surgery, I woke up and then went into a mild coma after being given more anesthesia. How likely is this kind of complication? How can it be avoided?





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  • I can understand your anxiety as you have faced problem before, but you did not mention the type of surgery you underwent previously. Also what is your upcoming surgery?
  • Some induction agents like Succinylcholine are to be avoided in some people in view of more chance of enzyme deficiency. So, the effect lasts longer than anticipated.
  • The chance of going into coma due to anesthetic agent depends on the dose being used. There are less likely chances of recurring similar event.
  • If your liver function and renal function are normal then there are fewer chance of recurrence of these kind of events.
  • Kindly update me with more details like previous surgery underwent, upcoming surgery and what anesthetic agent they have used. Also upload your liver function and renal function reports.

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