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Before three years I had Lasik surgery for my eyes, which were -7 in both. Afterwards I started developing hypermetropia reaching +1.75 L and +1.5 R. Recently, I started losing focus and binocularity when dealing with near objects and my left eye tends to shift away from my nose that is exotropia. To fix this I have to put some strain to regain binocular vision. My doctor told me to keep wearing my glasses which I always do and I have continuous mild headache and dull aches around my left eye. Besides, I developed floaters, afterimages and halos around light. I got my vision acuity intraocular pressure and fundus examination, which were normal. Kindly let me know the proper management of my case.





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  • My suggestion is to get cycloplegic refraction done and use glasses as per prescription given after cycloplegic refraction.
  •  Ask your doctor to check your convergence as you might have convergence weakness. If there is convergence weakness then start convergence exercises.
  • Do not worry about exotropia (eyes turned outward). Ask your doctor for cover test both for distance and near after patching your one eye for one hour. This will give us an idea about the amount of exotropia and type of exotropia. This will help us in further management.

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