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I would like to know which avenue to go down to treat my issues. I believe I have something wrong with my legs which cause my body to strain. The first memory I can remember was having very excruciating pain in my legs at night when I was a young teenager. As I got older my knees started to ache regularly. The impact of walking and running has been very painful. I cannot walk up a steep hill or even jog downhill or run without getting shin splints. I am getting severe shin and ankle pain for many days. Even if it is only five minutes of jogging downhill the impact is severe. I have tried exercise such as running on a treadmill and then my ankles became very red, itchy and visibly swollen. I have never had visible calf muscles and I am a thin build. I have been active most of my life although I have never been able to build natural muscle in the bottom half of my legs. Most season of the year I get cold. My ankles and feet will stay cold and no blankets or socks can warm them up as the cold feeling is internal. In winter it becomes very painful and I become immobile because of the feeling. My ankles and feet feel like a bag of ice. I have had other problems like pinched nerves in my neck and severe tension headaches. After seeing a chiropractor it was visible that my spine has become out of alignment in my neck and in my lower back. A bone now protrudes on the left side of my buttocks and has been painful to sit on. These problems have existed for a long time and progressed to further issues mentioned. No doctor has been able to give me solid advice as there are many factors. The doctors have not been patient enough to listen to my issues. Thank you if you can help me in any way possible.





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  • Excruciating pains at night could be due to muscle cramps or due to vascular ischemia (compromised blood supply). Cold feeling in ankles and feet suggest vascular compromise.
  • Pinching of nerve could be due to spinal deformity. Nerve compression when it exits spinal cord can lead to all these symptoms.
  • Protrusion of bone from buttocks should be confirmed by x-ray.
  • I would suggest you to consult a neurologist and carry out MRI of your spine and Doppler study of legs
  • Joint pains could be due to immunological issue and you need to consult a rheumatologist for it.
  • Spinal deformity up to some extent can be corrected by spine surgery but your neurosurgeon will take the final call.
  • You can also go for physiotherapy sessions. Thanks.

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