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Hi doctor,

I am just 22 years old. But, I have a severe alcohol addiction along with depression and anxiety. I am slowly recovering from the alcohol now and I am under a local addiction unit. However, due to past overdoses the psychiatrist is reluctant to prescribe me Baclofen, which is apparently very helpful with cravings. I have been on both Antabuse and Acamprosate in the past and these are now ruled unsuitable. Is there any other way that I can go down?





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  • Anti-craving medicines are one part of the story. The possible reason why you might have failed could be the psychological aspects that have not been taken care of adequately. This is further evidenced by your overdose issues.
  • I would strongly suggest you go for cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety and depression, along with motivation enhancement therapy. Also, relapse prevention therapy for alcohol use from a good therapist. This is in addition to the care you are already receiving.

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