Q. How to get treated for panic disorder?



Hi doctor,

I often get a feeling that my heart is going to stop. I have panic disorder also. Please help.





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  • As dramatic as the panic disorders may seem, it also responds very well to medicines.
  • The first thing we do need to check whether the diagnosis is indeed panic disorder. We also need to see if you have any associated phobias including anxiety in crowded areas or public transport.
  • Finally, we need to rule out possibility of depression.
  • If all of these are cleared, all we need is low doses of Escitalopram or Paroxetine along with Clonazepam on as per need basis for a few weeks and you should be alright. Consult a psychiatrist in person for physical evaluation and start the medicine with consent.

For further information consult a psychiatrist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/psychiatrist

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