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Hi doctor,

For three years I have been at home as a caretaker for my child. Mostly I feel exhausted and boredom every day morning. Now, I plan to go for a job. But, I have a fear of facing an interview. Please help.





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I first wish to appreciate the love and dedication you have shown towards your family, by staying away from work for three years.

  • First, you must understand a few things. Anybody facing an interview is a little anxious, whether they admit it or not; whether it is evident or not.
  • Considering that you have been away from work for three years, it is natural that you will feel a little anxious. So, the thing for you to understand here is to not criticize yourself for being nervous.
  • In fact, you deserve praise for taking on this task against all odds. You need to give yourself credit for juggling across so many different things.
  • Second, even if you are anxious, it usually does not show outside, although you might think that it is obvious. So, do not bother about what others might be thinking of you or what the interviewers may be thinking of you.
  • Third, I suggest you try the medicine by name Betacap-TR 40 (Propranolol) to be taken one to two hours before going to the interview. It will keep you calm and focused and has no side effects. It is not a sleep medicine. Consult your doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent
  • Finally, please provide me some more details regarding the exhaustion and boredom so that I can rule out the possibility of depression. Also, please get a hemogram and TSH level done. Take care.

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