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Hi doctor,

Two months back, I got married. Then, I involved with excessive kissing with my wife. For the past one month, I am facing some kind of headache and heaviness in the head. I checked with the local physician and they said that there are excess of love hormones in the brain. That is excess of oxytocin and my physician informed me to consult a psychiatrist. He also informed me that there the excess oxytocin needs to be reduced to come out of the problem. Earlier, I did not accept that there are excess love hormones in my brain. However, I observed and surprisingly I have seen that after kissing my wife, my symptoms got increased. I request you to suggest a medicine to overcome this problem.





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I can understand your concern, but I differ in opinion regarding the oxytocin and headache.

  • Even in some studies oxytocin (through nasal route) use has been found very effective in controlling headache. So, in my opinion the relation between headache and kissing in your case is by chance factor.
  • The levels of oxytocin are controlled by hypothalamic pituitary axis and these should not be altered with medicines. This can affect endocrine functions.
  • Hypotension could be the reason of the headache you have. Drink plenty of water before sex and you will feel better.

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