Q. I am 80 kg. Will it affect the outcome of ACL operation?



Hi doctor,

I am planning to get an operation for ACL injury. After how many days of operation will I walk normally and do bike riding? How fast will I recover? My weight is 80 kg. Is there any problem for quick recovery with this weight? Kindly guide me.





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  • After the ACL surgery, if the surgery goes well, usually you will start walking with the long knee brace from the second day of the surgery.
  • Normally, you will be able to walk on your own after six to eight weeks of surgery. You can ride a bike after two to three months of surgery.
  • But as far as possible, avoid a bike ride for at least three months post surgery.
  • You can recover fast by doing regular physiotherapy and taking supplements and tablets.
  • I suggest tablet Shelcal-OS (Calcium) 500 mg twice daily in the morning and night for three months before food, tablet Limcee (vitamin C) 500 mg morning and night for two months after food and tablet Vitamin D 60,000 units once a week for 12 weeks. These will be provided by your doctor following surgery.
  • Regular physiotherapy after surgery is the key to success.
  • Your weight of 80 kg will not affect the outcome of surgery in any way.

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