Q. I am getting more vaginal discharge while on patch contraception. Why?



Hi doctor,

I am on the Evra patch contraception. My problem is I am experiencing irregular and high volume of discharge while using the patch. And, when I stop using the patch the discharge becomes normal. What could be the possible cause for this issue?





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  • As you are taking patch as contraception, it is a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. Both can affect the normal vaginal secretions in combination.
  • In normal menses, during the first 14 days only estrogen is secreted by the body. In the second 14 days, there is progesterone secretion. This is required for ovulation to occur.
  • When you take both in combination as an external source, then the internal source is inhibited and ovulation is also inhibited, so pregnancy is avoided.
  • As a minor side effect you are getting more secretion. As far as it is not foul smelling or itching, it is just normal increased secretion. Do not worry about it.

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