Q. I am on ortho treatment and my cheeks have become sunken. What to do?



Hi doctor,

Four months before, I put tooth braces. My doctor extracted four of my teeth for putting teeth braces. They are two upper premolars and two lower premolars. My cheeks were chubby before tooth extraction and now it looks very sunken and hollow. Will I get the beauty of my cheek once this treatment gets over? The gap is not filled yet and was advised only once in the last four months to get tightening done.





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  • The extraction of four premolars is a very common practice in orthodontics if your case requires so.
  • The sunken cheeks are not because of extraction of teeth and the gaps. Maybe you have lost some weight as might not be eating enough of nutritious food due to braces.
  • Also, it takes some three to six months on an average case (varies more depending on the case) to start with tightening and that starts to close spaces.
  • Complete closure takes in an average of 8 to 10 months or more. So, do not worry about this right now and speak openly with your orthodontist.

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