Q. I am spitting phlegm with some red blood. What is your suggestion?



Hi doctor,

I am 24 years old. Recently, I got an endoscopy. The report shows that I have erosive gastropathy. I have been using medicines for one month. Now, for a few days, while spitting phlegm a small amount of light red blood comes out from my mouth. I also have some throat and chest pain. But, I do not have a cough. I have joined the night shift job and had sudden weight loss. Please give your suggestion.





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  • If there is bleeding in the stomach due to erosive gastritis, then it would be in the form of vomiting and brown or chocolate in color. Any bleeding in the stomach cannot be bright red in color with small quantity.
  • As mentioned in your report (attachment removed to protect patient identity) esophagus and pharynx were completely normal at that time; these are common sites for anything to bleed with bright red.
  • Please provide some detail about characteristic of pain, diet habit, appetite and consumption of alcohol.
  • I suggest you consult an ENT doctor (ear, nose and throat) to examine oral cavity, pharynx and cricoid fossa part of the food pipe.

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