Q. I am unable to retract my foreskin during erection. Do I need circumcision?



Hi doctor,

I can stretch my penis foreskin completely and I wash it every day. But, I noticed that during erection I am unable to retract my foreskin. I feel that I am suffering from phimosis. What can I do now? Do I need to undergo circumcision? I have seen the procedure on the internet and it looks very scary. Since I am a fitness model, I go to the gym and workout heavy every day. If I undergo circumcision, then how many days I should take rest? Is there any way to cure it naturally?





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  • Circumcision is a very simple and minor operation, though it looks horrifying to you. It will be done under anesthesia, and so you will not have any pain.
  • Yes, you will require rest of five days post surgery.

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