Q. I am worried about my fast heartbeat and chest pain. Please help.



Hi doctor,

I have been having fast heartbeat and severe chest pain. When I consulted a doctor, he prescribed Atenolol for me. It relieved the pain for some time, but now it continues. There are no further investigations. The onset is sudden and for the past six months, I am having severe chest pain and blurring vision. Earlier, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Currently, I am not on any regular medicine. I had a chest x-ray and quantum analysis.





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  • You have not mentioned your smoking habits. Smoking is a sole risk factor for all cardiac diseases.
  • You were on Atenolol for hypertension. You have neither mentioned the BP nor the dose of Atenolol. Chest pain for six months cannot be overlooked.
  • Is your pain dull aching in nature or sharp and stabbing in nature? Does the pain occur at rest or it happens on walking or running? How long does it take for the pain to settle down? Is the pain associated with sweat on the forehead?
  • Can you pinpoint the site of chest pain by one finger? Does the pain radiate? Is there any family history of cardiac disease?
  • How is your lifestyle? All these questions are very important before concluding anything as history given by you is partial.
  • Your doctor must have taken an ECG. Please attach the copy.
  • Pain mimicking cardiac pain can also be caused by anxiety or muscular spasm or gastritis acid peptic disorder or heartburn.

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