Q. I could not bear the pain while doing physiotherapy for leg injury. Why?



Hi doctor,

I met with an accident three months before and my left leg was injured. It includes tendon cut and multiple fractures. On the next day, the tendon was repaired through an operation. After 25 days all stitches had been removed and I got plaster on my left leg. And now, the plaster has been removed. Yesterday, when was going through physiotherapy for my left leg, it started paining a lot. My face started sweating and I felt dizzy. Then, I had a glass of water and managed. My question is that why is it so paining? Will I be able to run in the future?





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  • Your injury was very bad and now it looks so much better. The photos (attachment removed to protect patient identity) shows the skin and soft tissues have healed very well.
  • The treatment given to you was very correct.
  • Pain occurs in these type of injuries due to stiffness and adhesions of the soft tissues. The tissues need to be pulled so that it comes back to normal length and this causes pain.
  • You need to continue physiotherapy. Take painkillers if it causes severe pain and then do physiotherapy.
  • I did not see any x-ray in the uploaded pictures. It would be good if you can upload the x-ray photos so that I can see and comment better and more accurately.

Revert back with the x-ray to an orthopaedician and traumatologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/orthopaedician-and-traumatologist

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