Q. I feel that one of my friends uses me monetarily. What to do?



Hi doctor,

I do not have any health issue. But, I am not in mental peace with my close friends. I do something that is unintentional and it bothers my friends. This creates a sense of agony in me; it bothers me a lot as I overthink. The issue can be very small and negligible, but I think that one of my friends uses me monetarily, may it be a matter of a very small amount. I am often embarrassed amongst them, but this is because of the reaction of the other people.





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  • The feeling that your friends are using you for money could be occurring due to trust issues. This results in a reaction formation and ultimately results in worsening of the situation.
  • To prevent sudden reactions try to remain calm. Try to find out the cause for reacting so much.
  • Also, find out the positives and negatives of your friends and you will come to know that there are more positive things than negative things.
  • Appreciate positive things and disqualify any negative behavior. With time, you will learn to ignore and things should improve. Keep your space and give space to others.

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