Q. I got a PFT done. Kindly check and guide me if the values are fine.



Hi doctor,

I have a signal arthritis. Rib cage hurts when I breathe. I had a clear COPD four years back and normal PFT. I stopped smoking ten years ago. I am a swimmer and have breathing problem. I also have suspected connective tissue disease. I am currently taking Humira, Methotrexate and daily I take Nexium. I recently did PFT tests. FVC is 126 %, FEV1 is 126 %, FEV1/FVC 99 % predicted, RV/TLC is 100 %, DLCO/VA 100 % predicted. Are these results fine?





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  • Well, your pulmonary function test (PFT) values are totally fine. Any value above 80% of predicted value is considered as normal. So, your values are too good.

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