Q. I have a cyst and suffer irregular period. Can I take I-pill?



Hi doctor,

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. But I have not ejaculated in her. Is there any chance for pregnancy? Some yellow substance was there on the tip of my penis. What is that?





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The process you have adopted while performing sex is termed as withdrawal method. Though this is a commonly practiced method, there exists reason for failure.

The cause is some of your sperms could be present in your precum that is some amount of clear secretion from penis before the ejaculation. It could cause a pregnancy.

Contrary to your belief, no sperm will be present in the yellow deposit termed smegma.

Finally, you have to consider in which day of her period you had sex.

If she is in between day 8 to day 17 of her cycle, chances are high. Otherwise, there is no such apparent risk.

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