Q. I have fibrous cortical defect in tibia. Is it completely curable?



Hi doctor,

I am suffering mild pain in the middle part of my right leg tibia. An MRI was done and the doctor said that I have fibrous cortical defect. I would like to know is it completely curable.





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  • Fibrous cortical defect is also called as non-ossifying fibroma. It is a benign tumor. It usually occurs in children and also usually in the tibia bone.
  • Most of the time it regresses on its own and casting is required. But, if the lesion is found to be too long or involving more than 40% to 50% of the bone or cortex, then surgery is required.
  • The surgical treatment is usually curettage with bone grafting. But, mostly it can be treated non-operatively.
  • It is fully curable either by non-operative or operative management.
  • If you follow up with x-rays, then I will be able to exactly give you an opinion in your case.

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