Q. I was abused in my childhood and suffering from deep emotions. Please help.



Hi doctor,

I am an 18 year old girl. When I was 7, my older brother (12) used to molest me. I do not know if it was traumatic as I do not remember crying or anything. Does this count as sexual abuse? Because of the young age of my brother, I do not know if it is related. But, I am extremely emotional, self-harm and do a lot of things without thinking. Sometimes, I think about seeing someone when I am really depressed and feel empty, but this only lasts like a few hours and then I feel fine.





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  • Although what happened to you in your early childhood is beyond doubt, I would advise you to desist from making any correlation between your current problems and the abusive incidents.
  • Like you accurately pointed out, at that age, you were unaware of the nature of the acts and therefore, it is unlikely to have caused any mental trauma.
  • This has been demonstrated in certain scientific studies as well, although might appear awkward from a societal perspective. If you try to correlate the two too much, you will be needlessly creating and aggravating a psychological trauma.
  • In any case, I think that your current symptoms are part of your personality and unrelated to the unfortunate incidents. So, do not worry and be happy.
  • If you are independently concerned about the symptoms (beyond its relation to the abuse), then you might want to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Please bear in mind that all this advice is from a strictly scientific and psychological standpoint and not from a legal or moral or social and cultural standpoint. Take care.

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