Q. I was exposed to mouse poop. Am I affected by Hantavirus?



Hello doctor,

I was exposed to mouse poop. It was in my clothes, drawers and on the floor. The mouse was in my apartment. I swept it up. I was exposed to them for about three weeks. It has been 27 days since I have been around them, but today I am getting cough and scratchy throat. Does this sound like hantavirus?





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  • Hantavirus is mainly transmitted to people when you breathe in air contaminated with the virus especially when fresh rodent urine, droppings, saliva or nesting materials are stirred up; tiny droplets containing the virus get into the air.
  • Normal incubation period is five weeks.
  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome initially presents with flu like symptom and later muscle aches. So, your symptoms could be due to hantavirus infection.
  • But, do not worry. I would suggest you to consult a local doctor. Treatment consists of antivirals, antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).
  • I would also suggest you to follow this preventive measure. Rodent access needs to be controlled with traps.
  • Try to remove the rat excreta by gloves and not by brooms to avoid aerosol spread of the virus.

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