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My father, who is 62 years, had a heart attack before two months. He was admitted to the hospital and the first aid was given. His angiography was done after four days and the diagnosis was single vessel disease with Mid LAD 90% stenosis. Doctor has advised him 20 days of medicine and post that they will decide for further course of action either putting a stent (angioplasty) or continue medicine for some more time. Currently, he is on rest at home and feeling better without any pain or any visible or noticeable complaints. I am attaching here the angiography report along with the diagnosis report and prescribed medicines. How do you analyze the situation? Is the course of treatment right? Can medicine cure or improve the things? Is delaying angioplasty a risk? Does angioplasty (stenting) have self-life or side effects? If angioplasty is required, how soon we should do it? Also, please suggest any specific stent for long term benefits. Thank you.





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I have reviewed your health query regarding your father and can well establish the sensitivity of the issue.

  • Yes, he is out of the danger now. After a heart attack, next 48 to 72 hours are very crucial as there can be a fatal attack of deranged heart rhythms.
  • Yes, the course of treatment looks fine (attachment removed to protect patient identity). And it is not actually delaying anything. We better give a try to see if it helps.
  • If after completion of the course of medications and there looks no benefit, then delaying stenting will be a serious mistake. And they are using the best and latest stents for patients and it is showing promising results.
  • Like every medical intervention angioplasty and stent placement also has its associated risks such as rupture of the vessels of the heart and even a chamber of the heart. Also, there are some chances of re-stenosis that is narrowing of the same vessel again.

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