Q. Is injection Penidure LA safe during pregnancy?



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Initially, my wife was having few joint pains in her knees and shoulder. Last year, she was diagnosed with high ASO level in blood with 800 (positive). At that time the medicine physician has prescribed her to inject Penidure LA12 (Benzathine Penicillin) injection at every interval of 21 days for at least five years. Accordingly, since then my wife is continuing with Penidure LA12 injection till date and by now she has already completed two years of Benzathine Penicillin injection. Presently, a month back, her latest blood report the ASO level is reported negative with 175. Also, now my wife is 3 months pregnant and is under the supervision of a gynecologist. The gynecologist has prescribed her with Susten SR 300 two tablets per day intravaginally and ALL-9 one tablet after food at night. Also, the gynecologist advised her to continue with Penidure LA12 and having the opinion that Penidure LA12 is safe during pregnancy and may be continued. Shall I continue her to inject Penidure LA12 injection during her present pregnancy stage? Or should I stop it? And also let me know, whether this injection will have any adverse effects on the baby. Lastly, for how many years actually this injection has to be taken by her? She has already completed two years. Thank you. Looking for your advice at the earliest.





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  • Injection Penidure LA (Benzathine penicillin) is a long acting Penicillin given to your wife for increased anti-streptolysin O (ASO) titer, to prevent inflammatory disorders. It is safe during pregnancy compared to other antibiotics.
  • Since, she is symptom free she should be continuing the injection.
  • As you have not mentioned about her age and history of previous pregnancy or other medical problems, it is difficult to comment.
  • I suggest you to consult a rheumatologist who will evaluate her and do the needful.

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